here is my code. it is based off the phoenix emu by denis.


#include "sgl.h"

#include "sgl_cd.h"

void LoadFile(char *name, Uint8 *location, Uint32 size);

Uint16 makecol8(Uint8 r, Uint8 g, Uint8 b);

void ClsFast(Uint8 *maplocation);

void Video_Decode(void);

void load_color_proms();

Z80_Regs regs;

int Z80_IRQ=-1;

int Z80_Iperiod = 12000;

int DipSwitchSYNC = 0;

unsigned int scroll_reg;

int main(int argc,char **argv)


slInitSystem(TV_320x480, NULL, 1);

slScrPosNbg0(toFIXED(-180) , toFIXED(0));


//Generic memory initialization

color_palette = (Uint16 *) VDP2_COLRAM;//Set the start of the Color RAM

tile_data = (Uint8 *) VDP2_VRAM_A1;//Set the Video Ram location

tile_data2 = (Uint8 *) VDP2_VRAM_B1;

map_data = (Uint16 *) VDP2_VRAM_A0;//Set the Map Data location

gfx_data = (Uint16 *) VDP2_VRAM_A0 + 0x2000;//Set the Gfx Data location

slPrint("turbo saturn 32 ", slLocate(1,1));

slPrint("made by Supa Sonic ", slLocate(1,2));

slPrint("", slLocate(1,3));

slPrint("thanks to: Denis an TakaIsSilly",slLocate(1,4);

slPrint("code based ofF of Denis phoenix emu",slLocate(1,5)

slPrint("Controls:", slLocate(1,9));

slPrint("START - run", slLocate(1,10));

slPrint("C - 2", slLocate(1,11));

slPrint("B - 1", slLocate(1,12));

slPrint("D-pad - U/D/L/R", slLocate(1,13));

slPrint("A - LOAD ROM ", slLocate(1,14));

slPrint("PRESS A TO LOAD ROM", slLocate(1,16));


while(TRUE) {

if(Per_Connect1) {

PerDigital* pad;

pad = Smpc_Peripheral + 0;

if(!(pad->data & PER_DGT_ST)) break;




Well, you lack a bracket for the main cycle, and i'm not sure if the VRAM defines are in the sgl.h or if i added them on another .h file. Also, you might need to add -cd to the compiler makefiles (if you're not using the one Denis uses). But you really need to be more explicit.

(Edited by TakaIsSilly at 9:31 pm on Feb. 12, 2002)
It's good that you acknowledge the people that you use code from, but what is that little snippet even supposed to do? What exactly are you writing?