Combining phpBB and Wordpress..


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I've looked for solutions online and found a few things of interest but nothing that I know I could use for sure... so I figured I would ask here and see if any of you know an answer to my current issue.

I currently have a site using phpBB as a forum system, I would like to install Wordpress and have each WordPress post automatically be added into my phpBB forum as a new topic, and when users comment on the WordPress blog the comments are also added to the same topic in the phpBB forum.

Does anyone know of a plugin for wordpress that will do this, or the link to a tutorial on the web on how to modify the installations of each so that they merge for the functions i'm interested in? Any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks!


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I haven't seen anything that does this type of task. However in my opinion you should dump phpBB and wordpress (even though both are popular). phpBB gets exploited very very often, and wordpress drives load through the roof for a simple blog system. For free boards there isn't many choices unfortunately, but I hear SMF is decent. For blogging I'd say try Typo, but that's a RoR app.