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Ok all you sega hungry muthas. I want you to tell me what you think a good comic topic would be and if I see one that strikes me as particularly interesting I will make it so.
Sonic killing Mario
ok how about something funny. I haven't even started the first one do yo guys think i should keep a constant character(s) or do random sega characters each time.
Don't limit yourself. Do anything you feel is entertaining.

Do you have some previous works of yours up somewhere?

Also i was thinking about maybe once in a while, based on the way I see people act, throw some of you guys from the board in. No one would be offended would they?
97.7 % of web comics suck

pleae don't add to the already overwhelming mass of internet based shittyness allready out there

if you must make comics please use this as your guide for deeper meaning and signifigance in stupid cartoony things

leisure town
This isn't meant to be a piece of art it's just meant as something fun for the SX comunity. And I really don't know how i'll be doing this. I was thinking of using game spirtes and somtimes draw stuff in but I don't know. I'll probably get one of my talented drawing friends to help me.
When in doubt, don't resort to drugs Gallstaff. Getting doped up isn't always funny. Just something i have to say.

Expect me to contibute some comics, i'm not the funniest guy in the world, i tend to poke at the obvious, and i don't understand if people think what I do is funny.

If you guys want to get an idea of what to expect, you can see two Faxanadu comics at NX, and you read my crappy somewhat original half-assed comic, Shoeboxed Old Stuff(my favorites are 7 and 12).
Originally posted by Gallstaff@Feb. 08 2003, 2:38 pm

Also i was thinking about maybe once in a while, based on the way I see people act, throw some of you guys from the board in.

I'd like to see that.
I just finished the first one. Basically it pokes fun at some of the weird shit about the sonic games it didn't come out exactly how I wanted but this is my frist one.
Heh. Im surprised no one did this for sx sooner. I was creating comics for nx over half a year ago. I havn't made any new ones latly, but I have couple ideas for when I do get arround to making them again

As for sega based comics...well, you could do somthing like: Take a random game that has bosses for the genesis, have the main char/s defeat it, but intead of having it die, have it say somthing like "all I ever wanted was a friend! Is that so much to ask?", and then make him cry, and the main char/s adopt him as a pet or son...somthing like that. Most ideas for comics sound bad on paper, but if you can put the wording and frames just the right way, people will find it funny. Its all in the presentation.
You don't get the ecco one? It's so simple. Ok have you ever PLAYED the game? When you talk to some of the retarded dolphins they say stupid shit like 'great winds of water' and i was always thinking that was just retarded it helps me in no way. So ecco realizes the retardedness of it and leaves.

Seriously, how did you not get that?
It took me a while to get, but mostly because of the confusion in the last frame. I would have liked a more extreme response from ecco, then again ecco does seem to be the laid-back type.