Commodore 64 people!

Do you own the 1547 Disk drive still? As well as the better white model?

Do you have the brown c64 and white?

Got the 128?

Also modem?

Hell now for the clincher!

Do you have the Atari 8 bit!? (The one that was REALLY like C64)

Ahhh the C64

My own C64 equipment consists of the 1541-II floppy (nicer white drive) and the newer style C64 (though the 4 key is broken off

Never had an Atari system, except my Lynx which is for sale on ebay right now...
The atari your talking about is it the one with the flat keyboard ? I think my c-64 got thrown out 13 years ago . It was the brown one , it was basically a keyboard that you could plug in a joystick cartridge and disk drive to , The game on the atari sucked but I bet a couple of the game on c-64 would probably still be fun today . I have fond memories of batman the last game I got for it and defender of the crown .

I think the modem I had was 960b , i used to go on the bbs alot in the early to mid eighties . I used to use this one service called quantam , think its aol todaY
I have one "breadbox" 64, one 64c and one 128D. I have one 1541 and one OC-118N (both slightly broken). I have an Action Replay and I know how to use it.
i have the white one don't know what the model number is it's somewhere in my upstairs area. last time i played it it still worked just there was no sound. and the only atari i had was the one with the brown wood type finish(i think the ps2 stole some of it's look off of it)

LOL myst you felt you had to start this thread because of my nostalgia trip in the classic sega post right
Huh? No....was chatting with Silnga (Forgive if I spelled wrong) We were talking about Saturn stuff which made me post about the why you bought your saturn. Then ALL today ive been working with new OS and all that (Macs and Linux) so THEN I came across a site that was into few things (Old school) they had pics about the Atari 8 bit and it brought back memories of what I own. So then I decided to post about the old school stuff to see how many here are old

Whew hope that answers some questions.. its 9:15 am IM GOING TO BED! GN!!!!!!
I've still got my Commodore 128 & the original 1541 drive, and here's the amazing part... A DATASETTE DRIVE!! They all still work!

Had 'em since they were new.

I used to have the original C= 64, but it died in '88

Ah, the days of yore...
I've got my C64, original model with the tan function keys, and the old style shoebox datasette. I won't have a 64C cos they changed the SID chip and it sounds awful.

I've also got an Atari 800XL, it's a great machine, and at times the POKEY chip rivalled SID, check out Zybex (Zeppelin Games) and Warhawk (Firebird) to see what I mean.
I've got one of the newer C64s and a 1541. Unfortunately the disc drive is fubar. I've got a 'final cartridge' as well. Can't for the life of me remember where I got it from.

I've still got a Vic20 too!
I used to own a chocolate brown one with dark brown keys and a cassete for games. Traded it yonks ago for megadrive games.

Thinking about that does anyone remember a game where you played a fighter that changed into a mecha, the fighter had a special weapon that shot a ton of energy out the front in a V shape, and the mecha had a shield that let you travel through objects, it was one of the games i traded my c64 for. Wish i had kept it tho, piece of history...
If you play MULE let me know....there is a sega version out that is multiplayer =))) I wish C64 could play onine. Id LOVE to WoW you all!!!! Anyways yea the disk cassete AND tapes I have!!! Also the printer (Bulky thing!)
im a hardcore C64 fan..

i think i'll drag my collection out and take pics just to show.

I have ALOT of shiz. Ive got a mod chip, i dunno what it does nor have i installed it.. something my uncle found.. Im proud to own it all, and proud to actually hook it up and be able to do somthing with it..

im still thinking about making a web server out of my C64.

dont believe it can be done? hehe.
I had a C-64!

Well, I was born into a Comodore Vic-20, Atari 2600 VCS and a Pitztronic Programmable Tournament (pong machine with 2 paddles, interchangeable carts AND 10 games per cart
) moving onto the C-64 and then Amiga... I was only a kid then, so I played games like Yogi Bear ad Thomas The Tank Engine (Don't Laugh!)
mines a 128 with (i think its a 1541) dd, untested datasette (never got around to it), and a green mono monitor. i also have an atari 800xl (and 2600, of course) and a coleco adam
I used to have a C64, I remember trading it in to get a AMiga 500 at the time.

The C64 was my first games machine