I was just wondering if anyone had luck running the iso of Corpse killer on Gens. Once I get to the menu screen the game just freezes. Couln't find a compatability list that was updated since the last Gens release. It was a sizeable download so I just want to know if I wasted a few hours or not.
no, it doesnt work on kega or gens

i think from speaking to a couple of people that its caused by the fact its a lightgun game (maybe it tries to detect a lightgun or something)

it works on xega but comes up with corrupt graphics

ages it wont boot past the point just after the bios screen

works fine on the real hardware though
Thanx for the info. I'll just pop the files over to a different download dir on my ftp now. Hopefully someone with a real Sega Cd console will be able to use it.
its a 32x/cd game thats why i think it does'nt work

bacause gens doesnt support 32x, and neither does kega

that is your problem i think
Ok has anyone had luck running ESPN Sunday Football on any emulator? I tried it on Gens but it froze at the coin toss.