Component Video


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if anyone can tell you it will be Game Station X

have a browse of the site and see if they've put anything up that can help.

otherwise email them, i did and they were EXTREMELY helpful and knowledgeable



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No it can't. At least not directly. The saturn believe it or not is capable of outputing HDTV signals. The only reason why you can't actually do it is because the encoder chip use to convert the RGB signal into all those other tv signals can't handle that.

Butane Bob

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It's not possible without an expensive RGB - Component Convertor. Don't bother, just use RGB as it's better failing that, use s-video.
*grumble* don't have access to rgb.... and s-video is already being taken up by the pc.... >.<"

edit: this is most likely going inside an arcade cabinet, so I may want to use the component video.... anyone got any idea just how much these rgb->component transcoders are? I guess my other option is to get an s-video switcher... though I'd rather just have component lol.