Computer Question

I'm thinking about getting Unreal 2. The thing is, on my 38 gig hard drive, I'm down to just over 6 gigs. The over twenty some odd gigs are used for a DV film I'm making. I'm really hankering for a solid FPS experiece, something I can sink my teeth into for a time, and supposedly that's U2 is supposed to be. But with such limited HD space, I don't know if I should risk it. Any suggestions??
*shakes head*

When I was a boy...640k was more than enough for anyone.

6gig will be more than enough, then.
But will it mess with my comp's performance?? I'm afraid it my screw up my DV project (I'm working in Premiere). Does anyone play games and do video editing with the same comp?
really depends on the operating system.

Windows 98 can run fine, with less than 300 Megabytes free.

Windows XP? I feel 1.5 GBs free, should be plenty.

if you really are paranoid, defrag the hard drive after installing.

Windows 98 -> right click drive in My Computer, properties, Tools tab

XP -> Right click drive and defrag.
if he gives it 4 hours, yes.

it will go faster if he has more RAM, like 256 or 512.

and, the more RAM, the better off he will be, since Unreal does use up a lot of RAM, which often spills over onto temp RAM space on hard drive, aka Virtual Memory.

if you have trouble, defrag in Safe Mode. where nothing, not even Windows itself, will access the hard drive, leaving Defrag all to itself.
Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I think I will get U2. I used diskeeper, which is an awesome defrag program. I highly recommend it.
Videogames on Laptop LCD screens rock. Personally, I'd have it no other way.

Unless its one of those incredibly tiny laptops (re: HP, Compaq, and Sony) the multifunction port (if you have one) should allow you to add another HD. Or if there's a dock for your laptop, it's bound to have a slot for additional gadgets.

For instance, my thinkpad has one multifunction port for cdrom, ls120, cdrw, floppy, zip100, and an HD (not all at once, of course). And in the 'mega' dock, there's space for two more HDs. Might be something to consider, if you can afford it.
As always, the easy alternative is simply forgotten here:

Back up stuff you don't need right now to CDRs.