CONTRA: Shattered Soldier!

Just thought people outta know I am a DIE HARD fan of the Contra series, and this one is no exception!! Man o man the intro alone is enough to make you want to go nuts over this game!! Its got a real hardcore metal soundtrack for the first time that sounds just perfect for the game and its got the 3D look to it, yet it is a 2D type of side scrolling game like we old school gamers are all used to playing! Its alot like the SNES version! I cant even tell you how damn good this new Contra is, if you even like the contra series you owe it to yourself to buy this game!! It even has cutscenes after the levels ..its simply an amazing game... It brings a tear to my eye its soooo fucking good, not many games are this good nowadays!! Only Lunar and Lunar 2 on PSX made me choke up the way this game does! Ive waited a long time now for some awesome 2D type sidescrolling games to come out (besides on my Neo-Geo) and this one is finally here!! Thank God!! I cant stand the way they try to make 2D classics in 3D. Like Castlevania on N64 or Mega Man Legends for example, I was really hoping that Contra wouldnt be ruined completely in such a way, and Konami stuck to thier old traditional 2D type of side scrolling view, and its beautiful in every way!! You gotta get it!!!

Warning: Its not an easy game though....its tough as nails!

What are your opinions on this new monster of a game.....