control for all new systems

for you people that own the ps2,xbox, and game cube

which do you feel has the best control

i hope you guys can understand what im trying to ask by this description.

have you ever played a game that was on multiple systems and noticed that the control was diffrent (more or less sensitive, harder to move)

mabey its just me but back when the "new" systems were the snes and genesis i felt that the snes had worse control - I called it stiffer control. the character you controled moved slower or the response time wasn't the same

i know the genesis had a more powerfull processor - is that all that is to it

also i know that the same game wont run on diferent systems so a diferent version is made- but don't the same people make it and work at bringing over all the same game play features

anyways in my opinon the snes has worse control- playing it today or 10 years ago, i find the same thing

the reason im asking is that i want to buy the robotech game when it comes out, but i want to get the best version (control wise). I haven't tried any of the new systems to make my own opinon (i don't count playing the demos in the store - not long enough to make a valid comparison )

the guys at the local video game shop say the xbox version will be the best because of its hardware - but frequently shoping there has shown me they are biased towards the other systems - thats why im asking you guys - i hope you understand what i'm asking
Is Robotech coming out on Gamecube? I've only heard of the Xbox and PS2 versions..

I used to have a PS2 and I now have a Gamecube so I can only offer opinions on those. I like the Dualshock's shape and everything, but they get slippery far too easily. I think Sony may have made a subtle change for this though, because I bought a second pad a few months after I got my PS2 and the D-pad had a lot more grip than the one which came with the console, it didn't have the smooth finish. The rest of the pad still got slippy after a little while though. Personally I like the Gamecube controller a lot more because of that (it mostly has a rougher texture) and the button layout is really good once you get used to it (IMO). As for responsiveness, I think that's dependant on each game more than the systems themselves.

Then again, maybe my advice isn't too helpful since I always preferred the SNES pad over the Megadrive one
sure you liked the snes pad better but im not asking that ( i didnt realy like the genesis pad either)

im asking about the control in the games

did you think there was a diference (not based on control pad feel)

the movement semed so much more fluid or friendly on the genesis ( sorry thats the only thing i can come up with to describe the game play) --- the snes seemed stiff or harder to control ( every game, even the ones that were out on the genesis too -- or ported from the genesis)

thats what im trying to ask

mabey it all has to do with proccesing power- mabey someone could clarify--- and with todays processors - mabey it dosent matter any more

and as for your question

the people at the gamestop store told me robotech was comming out on all systems
I know what he means, but I couldn't really say unless I used my personal faveourite, the Gamecube pad, on all 3 consoles to play and see if the control was different in any noticable way
the pad usualy dosent make a difference to me

you like the game cube pad the best? -- man i hate that pad -- its so small - granted i have had a very limited exposure to it -- i also said that about the n64 pad and now i like it alot

ive also read and heard people knocking the xbox pad -- i thought it was ok -- i think its all the people that got used to playing with the n64 pad that have the problems

but your right the best way to measure is by using the same controler on all the systems
I think it depends on the size of your hands.... my hands are small, so the GC pad fits perfect... average handed people don't have a problem with eithier and big handed people like the XBox pad

Also, different pads for different types of games really... XBox definatley has the best FPS pad, GC for anything that doesn't need a digital pad and PS2 for anything that does

And the DC pad? Seemed good at nothing to me.... average for all games
the GC pad fits the hand best, but the button layout makes it totally useless for some games (fighting games come to mind).

the xbox pad is large, but you can get used to that. it's perfect for FPS and racing games, so-so for fighters, useless for platformers and prolly RPGs. the analogsticks are good, tight enough to control most stuff well.

the ps2 pad is average, easy to handle, although hitting all 4 L/R buttons plus face buttons at once gives me serious cramps (i.e. in SSX tricky). the analogsticks are too loose, hard to get some very accurate controls with them.
The big thing that I truly despise about the Dual Shock and Dual Shock 2 pads is that the left stick gets in the way of comfortable hand/thumb movement when trying to play fighting games with the digital pad. I'm not thrilled about the layout of the basic PSX controller (four shoulder buttons / four face buttons was a big goof IMNSHO), but as far as I'm concerned the Dual Shock layout is just wothless.

Now that I've gotten used to it, I no longer hate the standard Xbox controller. However, I've not yet seen how well it plays using the digital pad; that will probably have to wait until I decide to install a mod and fire up a nice game of Contra, Gradius, R-Type Leo, In The Hunt, etc. I like the overall feel of the Controller S, but I have to wonder what it is that made them decide to put the black and white buttons completely out of reach of a natural grip. I think the pretentious Xbox logo on both is silly, as described in the IGN review of the Controller S:

The huge orb of the stateside release has been replaced with an even more obtrusive, but much smaller bright green emblem and matching silver XBOX etching. Apparently it's of far greater importance to have this piece of superficial frivolousness than it is decent Start and Back button placement. Wait, what system was I talking about? Phew, thank God for Microsoft thinking ahead and forcing me to notice its stupid logo, otherwise I'd be in quite the pickle here, thinking I was still playing the TurboGrafix or some nonsense.

I've not yet really played with the GC controller, but I suspect that it embodies an evolution of the design philosophy of the N64 controller. This most likely means that it will be fantastic for anything that Nintendo/Rare/Retro develop, and really crappy for everything else. Only time will tell, I suppose.
The PS2 controller is the best overall game controller ever made
(IMO, obviously) Ive never once had a problem with gripping it or bumping the analog sticks (and i have big hands) The GC controller is fine, very snug, but as has been mentioned the button layout could be far better. The Xbox controller, is without a doubt one of the worst controllers ive ever used!The 4 main face buttons are way to close together, (gotta love those 2 tiny (B&W) afterthought buttons beside them, amazing this hasnt been mentioned, hmm) its way to bulky to get comfortable with.With all that room it has on it, they should have spaced out the face buttons more, in fact, they should've went back to the drawing board with it. Its obviously a rip off of the Dreamcast controller, thing is, its worse, and it really shouldnt be...given the time it came out. (after the DC controller) The controller Type S (or whatever) is a big improvement over the US controller, lets face it anything would be better...Why M$ doesnt package the newer, better controller with every system sold is a mystery. (and certainly isnt helping things)
The PS2 controller is the best overall game controller ever made
(IMO, obviously) Ive never once had a problem with gripping it or bumping the analog sticks (and i have big hands)

It's not about having big/small hands, it's about having somewhere to put the rest of my thumb when I need to do a QCF or DPM.
Originally posted by ExCyber@Aug. 20 2002, 6:53 pm

It's not about having big/small hands, it's about having somewhere to put the rest of my thumb when I need to do a QCF or DPM.

Lets face it though, if we're talking fighting games no d-pad is really adequate. I can pull off Dragon Punches 100% with joysticks dropping to about 50% with d-pads or analogue sticks. QCF isn't too bad to do with pads though.
THE PS2 pad a) Rips Skin off my thumbs when playing with the D-Pad and
if I'm using the twin sticks, I can't use the buttons properly minus the back buttons ???
I personally love the Dreamcast controller followed by the ps2 dualshock controller and followed by the 6 button sega-genesis controller.
Originally posted by SkankinMonkey@Aug. 20 2002, 10:23 pm

I personally love the Dreamcast controller followed by the ps2 dualshock controller and followed by the 6 button sega-genesis controller.

same here,i love the dc pad,but i hear not many do.but my all time fave pad for ease of use was the 6 button megadrive pad.i also hated the psx pads,becouse it dident have a dpad so to speak,it had them four buttons.i just couldent get used to it at all.
DC is my fave, with Saturn
coming in next and then probably Gcube (gotta love the analogness of the pad).

I have quite big hands but still dislike the Xbox pad.