Does anyone know the steps involved to create a cd image out of a cartridge dump? Is it possible? Tell me it wouldnt be awsome to play MOTW on your cd system. Anyhow, if anyone knows how to do this then please share. thanks
As far as I know, not possible, besides, you wouldnt want to have to wait 45 minutes between rounds for loading. blech
There's no easy way to do it (i.e. you can't just do something like copy the ROM files to CD). In principle it can be done, but would require a ton of hacking for a game like Garou. MVS/AES and NGCD are very similar from a program's perspective, but the memory limitations require that things be done in a way that can be organized into loadable data sets. Cartridge games don't have to deal with this problem.
It can be done.

A few years ago I was able to convert a few of the smaller roms to run under an emulator, but they didn't work on a real Neo Geo CD system.

I now have a system and am looking into getting 'em running.

The Neo Geo CD player doesn't even recognize the CD as a valid CD, so I'm assuming there's a certain number of sectors that have to be set correctly to indicate that a game is a Neo Geo CD game.

I wish I could find some of the cracks that used to exist for Neo Geo CD games.