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I am looking for corpse killer on 3do, does anybody know where I can buy it, definetely where I can buy it not the I heard or usually where. Because I have looked on ebay w/o avail. I am willing to buy it on this board to so just speak up. Also I want to buy this game because it looks SOOOOO bad
and llike a b-Movie-ish is it cool in that campy sort of 80's b-movie way?


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Yea, its like one of those old b-rated horror flicks, I love those types

Used to have the Sega CD version.


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i love how when you shoot the baddies they kind of float back off the screen. its hillarious.


I love the disembodied zombie head of what I believe to be Skeletor from he-man guarding the doors to that temple or whatever it was.

Shakey Jake33

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Is it the same as the Saturn one? Because that got pretty abysmal reviews....

But it did have strong competition on the Saturn... so...