country code question

If I put the CD into my saturn then it goes to the cd player screen and shows that the cd has 3 tracks does that mean the CD's country code is the same as my saturn or is compatiable of the swap trick?
Not quite sure what you're asking here - the country code has nothing to do with the swap trick, although if it is incompatable the game will fail to boot.

If the CD (and you do mean Saturn game here, not audio CD...right?) goes to the CD player screen without giving you an error message such as "Disc not Suitable for system" or "Game Disc not Suitable" then it means you have stuffed up your burn.
wat Im saying is usually when you put in a CD with the incorrect country code into the saturn it says "Disc not Suitable for system" BUT if you put it in and the audio tracks appear without showing that message does it mean u have the correct country code?
It could be that you have burned a music disc. Put it into your CD-ROM drive on your computer, view its contents using Isobuster, and verify whether the first track is a data track or audio track.