CPK2AVI help

I know this isnt exactly a burning question, but it IS a tech question.

I downloaded Cpk2Avi, Im trying to make a "Panzer Dragoon Movie" collection, so I checked the read me file, and it seems pretty strait forward, so I popped in my Panzer Saga disc 1, and it couldnt see anything on the disc! Even winders exploder... ahem, i mean windows explorer couldnt see any files on the CD, although it said that the disc had 0 bytes free, and 550+mb was taken. So i checked the disc in my Saturn, and it booted fine, as did Disc 3, (i dont have 2 or 4 at the moment) And disc 3 had the same problem, no files on the disc (according to windows).

So i put in another game, Guardian Heroes, and I see all kinds of files, including a 'open.cpk' file, that is 35 megs. I havent tried ripping this file, as I dont know how long it will take, and i gotta get to bed, but here is my question.. (after the long drawn out explanation)

Has anyone had this problem? not nessecarily with CPK2AVI, but with Windows not seeing the files on the PDS discs?

Please let me know!
If you experience problems using Windows Explorer to view files on a CD-ROM, try using IsoBuster. You can use it to retrieve/extract files from a CD-ROM that is not retrievable with Windows Explorer.
Thanks Master! Ill definitely try it.