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Has anyone here heard of a horizontal shooter called Curse? It was by Micronet and it was released in 1989 just around when the Mega Drive was released in Japan. Would anyone know where to look for a copy? Even eBay doesn't seem to hvae it.


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I id have Curse (jap).

I remember when it came out and in the magazines it looks really cool.

When i played it i was very disapointed.

The reason being the really poor slowdown,The graphics are really good but its the way they have been programmed that does the game no credit.

I think the best vershion to own is a Jap/us vershion as the uk megadrives(unless modded) run extremely slow and the game will crawl along.

I prefer Gairis on the megadrive which is a real corker of a shoote.

Also Zero wing is amazing.

I will keep an eye out for the Curse game as i have seen them before,

Nice for collectability but as a game i rate it at 65%


Ian.(uk). ;)


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Quite. While I enjoy the gameplay, it has a more historical significance for me. I take it you're willing to part with it?