Dance Mat Compability

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I've got the chance to get a Dance Mat for the DC very cheap. It's called "Dance Performance". However I've got no idea if it is a "special" Controller, meaning games if recognize it as a normal controller. I'm keen on trying out Space Channel 5 with it, but the game makes no remark about compability. Is the dancemat only good for Dance Dance Revolution, or can you play other games, too?
I'm interested in that, too. A friend of mine just bought a dance mat for his Dreamcast. What games are most fun to play with such a mat?


dance revolution and space channel! i am gonna buy one of those playstation mats, cause i have a psx to dreamcast adapter/.. use it for dc ddr, sc5 and ps dance games
You can play Gran Turismo on the dance pads. Takes 2 people and is damn fun. I know for the psx the controller is recognised as a normal one. That is why you can build your own dance pads. I would assume konami would do the same for the dc port since the button you use are pretty much the same as the psx ones.
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3rd part mats usualy have all 4 psx face buttons, or at least 2, one of which acts as the b button

gotcha, thanks

guess it's a little obvious if you actually observe one
I read in a magazine about playing different games with the dance pad (ODCM I believe). Many games recignize it and work for the most part with it. I heard Space channel 5 was fun on the first few levels but got insanely hard near the end with the pad. They also commented on playing Soul Calibur, how much fun would that be?lol...