DAO, Track At Once, Session ?

Fireburner has three options for burning bin/cue. Can somebody please explain to me which one is the best to use for burning Saturn Games? Someone at another forum says I should always use track at once, but I don't trust him enough.
Disc At Once is the best mode... (DAO)

If you cant select DAO use Session At Once (SAO) which will end up being similar to DAO, because saturn games only have one session...


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For practical purposes, there isn't one. Since Sega CD games don't use subchannel data for copy protection and such, DAO96 is just going to make your CPU do the work of generating the subchannel data instead of letting your burner do it (unless you've got an image with subchannel data, in which case it'll still eat ATA/SCSI bandwidth and buffer space).