Darn you skank! =)

WOOT! They FINNALY released a new version! I have been waiting for a new release for a looooong time, hope it was worth the wait.
Are you playing with sound or without? I've heard that most stuff runs nearly full speed with sound disabled...
Supergrom: Did you use the Pike installer script? For some reason I couldn't get the thing to work - I think it can't find the GTK libs...
The ####.... i've never heard of this before. So... you burn a super nintendo rom and just play it on ur dc with a special disk you buy called dreamsnes?
I just played it tonight. I only tried one game (Battletoads in Battlemaniacs) so far. With sound on, the frameskip is noticeable but nothing I can't handle after my years with a 100MHz Cyrix 6x86. With sound off, it's generally pretty solid, but still skips in some places.
It seems like specific things tend to slow it down. I've noticed that it seems to slow on:

- "Warping" effects (done e.g. by changing the scroll registers on every scanline)

- Mode 7 (I'm sure everyone's shocked by this)

- Semitransparency

I'm willing to bet that it stumbles a bit on mosaic too, but haven't seen anything that uses it heavily enough to be able to tell.