[DC] GypPlay selfboot under Linux


I use linux to burn DC selfboot cds.

I use "scramble" utility on 1st_read.bin from GypPlay Lik Sang Edition and then used simple script from dclinux to burn all gypplay and mpeg files on CD in two sessions (as DCLinux)

After that i have such CD: 1st session - 4 sec audio (as DCLinux)

2nd session:

root directory (all GypPlay files)

wince directory

vids directory with *.mpg files

When i insert this CD into DC - it's hangs (freezes) at Sega copyright logo....

Is it possible to make it selfboot via Linux?

p.s. as experiment, i tryed to burn it also with unscrambled 1st_read - it keeps to reboot dc forever (until power off)