Burn under cdrecord tutorial !

I've burned some games under cdrecord and they work great !

Why CDrecord ? Because most of my PCs are under Linux and the others on Windows 2000 (we have a few soft that can burn our sega cd/saturn iso : cdr-win which one doesn't work sometimes for me, EZCD95 crash the machine under win2000 and Nero....i hate it

I'll try to make a simple tutorial for begginer users and under any Windows system(except 3.1 of course

Start by download cdrecord :

For Win32 user : ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix/cdrecord/alpha/win32/

For Linux/BSD user (source version.No RPM): ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix/cdrecord/

Then unzip all where you want... (c:\cdrecord for example)

Look at your game (iso/mp3/wav). If there are mp3 files you need to convert them into wave. A lots of these soft exist to do this such as winamp (Linux user, you can use mpg123). For this one, configure your plug-ins output to "NullSoft Disk Writer" then click on configure and chose a directory where to save wav files, finally play mp3s files.

Don't forget to change the country code of iso file with help of satconv or scdconv.

Ok now copy iso and wav to your cdrecord directory.

We are ready for burn ! Open a msdos-command and move to your cdrecord dir (eg: C:\winnt>cd\cdrecord).

Then write :

C:\cdrecord>cdrecord -scanbus

You should see information about you drives . Search for your CD-R drive. I obtain this :


2,0,0 200) 'CREATIVE' ' CD-RW RW8438E ' 'FC03' Removable CD-ROM

2,1,0 201) 'RICOH ' 'CD-R/RW MP7063A ' '1.30' Removable CD-ROM

2,2,0 202) *

2,3,0 203) *

2,4,0 204) *

2,5,0 205) *

2,6,0 206) *

2,7,0 207) HOST ADAPTOR

Remember the SCSI ID of the burner you want to use : (for me it's 2,0,0)

Now write :

C:\cdrecord>cdrecord dev=X,X,X speed=Y -v -data track.iso -audio track1.wav track2.wav .... trackn.wav

X,X,X is your SCSI ID.

Y is the burning speed you want (don't use too high speed if you've lot of audio track, speed 4 is fine ! ).

Replace Track.iso and Trackn.wav by your filenames.

If you want to do a test (laser off), add the commandline -dummy after speed

If you want to eject your CD-ROM after burning is complete, add the commandline -eject

You may add the cmdline -pad if cdrecord says your wav files are incorrect (this append very often)

That's all ! I'm open to any suggestion !