Dc ide-hd?

Months ago I heard about a IDE interface for the DC being developed.

What about it now? Was it a fake? Will be see a thing like that someday? It would be very helpful for DC programmers.
I seem to remember seeing some stuff that suggested that it was in a usable state as a combination ISA bridge (intended to be used for Ethernet I believe)/ATA interface, and that limited support exists somewhere in the Linux and/or NetBSD port. I'm really not sure though.

edit: poked around a bit and found more info at bITmASTER's new page.
I remember seeing a japanese site that showed this with photos and an explanation of how they were able to do this. I was searching on google for info on game basic at the time. I'll root around in my b/u cd's and see if I can't find the sight or at least the pics.(I know i saved them somewhere.)
Just as an interesting fact, Sega was also planning on having a Zip Drive add-on, but the fact that the drive would cost as much as the system made it not such a good idea