DC Microphone

I got it recently. The microphone is recoginized by seaman as connected but wil not produce any input into the game. I have tried my pc mic and also had no luck. Any suggestions?
where'd you get it?

The only other game I know of that uses it is Alien Front Online, but I think only for online play.

Did you try seeing if it was dirty or anything?

can't think of too much else.
Originally posted by Agent21KGB@Jan. 31 2003, 5:54 pm

I finally just got it to work. I got it with alien front online. Dunno exactly what I did but it finally worked. Thanks.

you are supposed to pres the A button down while you talk to Seaman.

you spend couple of days with them ...

Than you say ... " i love you "

then he tells you " i love you too, pukie "