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I FINALLY got my DC to go online (My Web Browser disc is defective, I use Unreal Tournament to get on
) But, I have to use the controller. So... how can I access the URL window with the controller? There's nothing on the Menu (Reload


Address Book






Options) about it. I've tried pressing every button. If I get it before you reply, I'll let ya know.
I'm not sure about using unreal tournament and how that works for web browsing, I just use the planet web browser. You simply put the cursor over the URL and click then you can insert/modify one. I recommend you get the keyboard for like $10 bucks used though if you plan on doing lots of surfing. I know there is NO ISO POSTING but this I'm fairly sure is legal, it's posted on www.dcemulation.com and if i remember correctly Planet Web released there browser to the public for download. So here is the link to the planet web browser, just download and burn to disc with discjuggler v3.xx


And someone PLEASE tell me if this isn't legal and that I'm wrong, i'll edit this post and take the line out.