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Pearl Jammzz

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Is there any apps that will let me play SVCDs on my DC? How good do they run? Can I just download them sumwhere(the app)? Thanks all.
Simple. You don't do it. SVCD is based on the MPEG 2 codec - same as DVD's at a lower bitrate/resolution. There are no applications for playing MPEG 2 streams on DC. You can play MPEG 1 (VCD) and DivX (MPEG 4).
For free video tools there is for VCD. It doesn't support disc swapping - you have to burn the player onto the same disc as the movie - and it doesn't support VCD bitrates. You'll need to stick to 700-800 kb/s to get full frame rate.

Then there is <a href="http://www.consolevision.com/dreamcast/multimedia/divxdc.shtml">DCDivx
for your divx needs. This one doesn't support resolutions higher than 400x400 (or something like that) and you'll need to keep the bitrate to around 400kb/s to make it viewable. It also supports mp3 sound.

Commercially, there is Dream VCD. This suppports full res/bitrate VCD, disc swapping and some versions come with a cheap-o remote control. You have to be careful with this one as there seem to be two versions - one works well , the other barely works and I'm not sure which is which.
Nothing I've seen indicates that it supports SVCD, however it probably supports XVCD which is basically VCD at a higher resolution and bitrate, but still mpeg1.
Anywhere where I can DL a copy of this? Should be a pretty small proggy. I know this is pushin the rules a bit but...I don't wanna pay 20 dollars for it, hehe. Maybe a PM answer would work.........Thanks all, later.