DC Web Browser


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Hey guys, I just got a DC Web Browser for my Dreamcast, and it won't boot. It seems to be an older version. 1999 it says on the disc, and disc case. I bought it used, but there wasn't A THING on it, not even a speck of dust. I wonder why it won't boot. My DC is a March 2000 model. Could the Web CD be incompatible with my DC?
My friend had the same problem with a brand new web browser disc, worked fine in my dreamcast, didn't even boot in his...

Then his dreamcast a few months later stopped reading NHL2K, and after another couple of months it reads next to nothing...
IIRC Sega had a bunch of faulty Web Browser and Sonic Adventure disks when they released the Dreamcast. Perhaps this is one. If people had one they could send it in to Sega and get a replacement.
Just go to gamestop, I got one that was *used* but it was never opened
for 50 cents and that was about 6+months ago...