Death Tank Zwei


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This is the mini game that you could play once you combine Duke 3d and Quake for the Saturn.

This is one of my favorite party games for the Saturn other then bomberman!  It's like scorched earth but in realtime!  Who cares about gfx when you have such awesome gameplay as this?  Whats more fun then blowing up all your buddies with an air strike or nuking the hell out of them!?  

We just played this game last night and it was hella fun, went through almost 100 rounds before anybody took a break!  Now thats what you call FUN!
I have to agree totally. This is one of the best group games that I own. Many hours have been lost to this great game amonst friends. Brings back memories of the crazy all-night Genesis game sleep-overs we use to have back in the prime of Sega-Gaming

Overall, this game is one of my favs, no questions asked
I've heard only good stuff about this game, too bad I don't have the games to get it. I don't suppose anyone figured out how to take it off and make it a standalone burnable game? Ahwell, guess I'll have to hunt for these games.

T'ill then, I have bomberman

I have to get this game to! After what i have heard. It seems to be better than any other multiplayer game that i have played. I just need Duke Nukem. I already have Quake...
Originally posted by Ratamahatta@Nov. 25 2002, 8:55 pm

How do you combine the games and play this hidden game?

Apparently if you have a save file from both games this game is unlocked...correct me if I'm wrong but thats what I read.

Both the Original and Zwei are very similar. Zwei has a cool intro screen and a sweet theme song that plays. Zwei also is quite a bit smoother and has a random round when playing where there is no wait for ammo to recharge. Some of the point costs for items were lowered in Zwei also. Either game rocks :>.
its a little old topic but extra info.

You can access Death Tank Zwei by either having a save of Duke Nukem & Quake OR Duke Nukem & Exhumed/Powerslave OR Complete the game destroying ALL teh toilets and urinals on the way (including the secret level Urea51 I believe).
:agree This game is great. Well, I've only played Death Tank though I guess I could be playing Death Tank Zwei 'cause I own Duke Nukem 3D, Exhumed, and Quake.