Deathmask fan translation released for Saturn by A Murder of Crows and Shadowmask


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"Happy Holidays

Twas' the night before Christmas, and down in the street.
Evil creatures were stirring, the kind you don't want to meet.
This poor fallen angel, devoid of his past,
Must stare down the danger from inside the Deathmask.

This project has been stuck slightly on hold
Due to real life events that couldn't be controlled
But at long last we're back at it again
Hoping to push a release candidate by this year's end

Almost everything is in english for you to enjoy,
Except 7 items with which later, we'll toy.
Perhaps a new voice actor will come to our aid?
But it's been far too long and this game must be played.

This project isn't finished, and we will be back.
Thanks to Knight for his patcher and for keeping us on track
It was inspired by @dave (SaturnDave) of Sega Saturn, Shiro!
and Presented by @ShadowMask and @A Murder of Crows"

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we aren't really labeled a "team" and this was more of a De-translation than a fan translation, since the game was originally in english. the readme included explains a lot of that.