Did I do this right?

Sorry If I ask a bit too much questions.. Im new in all this piracy stuff... anyways

I burnt a Radiant Silvergun ISO to a blank CD using Easy CD Creator 4, The burning was a success because my computer just reads the ISO on the CD.. Should it only say the ISO? Or should it be saying something else??

Also I tried to boot it and, the CD LENS wont go to the edge where itll read protection (this is on the very beginning) So I just tried to swap it and Ive been getting this..

Disc unsuitable for this system

And the track bar on the top says this (Tracks: 1 Time: 18:11)

And sometimes it will read the CD and go to the CD playing screen and It will say on top bar (Tracks: 22 Time: 39:31)

and Itll go past the Sega screen and go to a blank screen and the disc will keep spinning..
Dude...follow that link i gave you in that other thread... regarding burning Radiant Silvergun (or games in general)
and yes that burn is screwed...