Did Sega leave out the towns in Shining Force CD?


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I read a review that said that you only go through fight after fight. I find that pretty disappointing since I found the town parts really exciting in the MegaDrive versions.
there is a town (or rather, a camp) in between fights, where you can do some talk and buy items.. but no walk-around towns anymore.
SFCD is a port of the 2 Shining Force Games on Game Gear, I myself have the Sword of Hajya, (is the the other japan only?) anyhow i don't think they could have fit the towns on the GG cart, although i'm not educated on this stuff, and on many occasions i am wrong. They could have done it perhaps when they ported it.

Did I use the right term, port?

And does anyone notice how much easier they are on the SCD then on the Game Gear?