Direct connect emulator

Hey is there a prog out there that makes say tcp ip connections act like it was a direct connection? I got some games that support direct connections only and not networks or IP stuff....

Need something that I can play a game online with others that the game will think we are liked via a cable.
there used to be an online service that did that.. I *think* it was Heat. I'm not sure, but it basically forwarded all data over a tcp/ip connection and allowed you to play those games online over their web interface.
No im NOT looking for a Tcp -> Ipx emulator..... I could use Kali for that

I need to "fake" this game to think its connected to another Pc using a link cable OR modem! (Game can use dial up to call another to play) It has no Ipx support, Only modem or link cable.
Is it a sort of RAS connection ? It's a DOS game i presume....

Maybe i have an idea but i'm very not sure...
Um game is called Metal Mariens. It is a windows game. you can get it at underdogs. Its fun! I have orig cd and I loved it for years then I played the snes version, even better! But I need the windows version working over net!
Ok. I have found informations about metal marines. It uses 2 types of connections : RAS connection by modem or throw netbios using a built-in SLIP/PLIP protocol (serial/par).

So, playing by tcp is possible (with netbios). Maybe we need to use NBT (Netbios over Tcp) and a WINS server or configure the Lmhost file.

The problem is how to lunch the game with tcp...

I'll disassemble the game when i'll have time and look for what Windows API are used. Maybe i can do something then....
YEAAAA if you help me out Ill do something NICE for you! =)))))

Yea basically we need a null modem emulator using IPX or TCPIP. This way it works over net and and normal LAN. Man if this works then that game will be the bomb again on FEW places as it will work better then before! Hell Id LOVE to cream some of you all here! :circle
I suspect that the best way to really make this work is to write a "fake" serial port driver to emulate modem and null-modem connections with various settings. Metal Marines lets you set the baud rate and port manually, so it's probably hitting the hardware directly...
Hmm gotta talk to my team on ports...they work with those....(Ultimatebot) But Id like to keep this open here as well as it could help me.
Here is how we can set up :

The principle isn't to "emulate" the serial port... When a COM is connect, it is lock and we can't read or write to it directly by another application ! So, we need 2 free COM port and hook up them together with a null-modem. One of them is used to send and receive from Metal Marines, the other for the TCP protocol. Do u understand ?

Now, a software is needed which can read the second COM port on the RX line and send the datas by just Winsocks APIs throw TCP/IP.

The other way is the same : receive the datas by TCP/WSock and resend them into the second port on TX line !

I don't think the soft is hard to develop. I'll ask to a friend who maded a protocol analyser by the same way to send me the source (in VB)...Just...give me the time please (and you know, i have few free time)....
Ok then in theory by using 2 com ports (Say serial and parra) it would work?

Just rem im trying to play this with others ONLINE.

(Or LEAST a LAN game at the internet cafe) =PPP
The idea (and I can't say it's a bad one) is to connect your computer to itself with a null-modem cable. Metal Marines opens one serial port and a gateway program opens the other serial port. Now instead of actually being connected to another computer, Metal Marines is connected to the gateway program, which emulates the serial port of the remote computer while sending and receiving packets to/from the Internet...
WOW! WOW!!!!

Man thats good!

I THINK the second one will do it but im not sure. Izude can you look on your side as well since you have the game? Ill try here too. If this works I might change his title
Ok some info we have COMIp setup. It dials out but we cant (as of yet) work it for Metal Mariens.

So no luck yet =((((

So Izude please keep on your efforts =)))
Netmodem/32 is fucked up (it installs a dll, an uninstall log, and an install log, and the icons and registry entries, nothing else, any exe files are missing), and COMt points straight to the ComIP website.
Ah well, never mind then. I found the COMt package somewhere else, but upon closer inspection it seems it only works with Win16 programs. Netmodem/32 might also only work with FOSSIL drivers, which makes it useless for netgaming.