Disc stop spinning while playing

Hello there,

I've got a white japanese saturn that I just got on ebay. I've got a problem that makes me crazy:

I can play an original game for 5 to 10 min. and then, the CD suddenly stop spinning, so the game crash, although the power is still on.

Then, if I try to power off and power on the saturn, the game don't boot at all.

I tried to use an action replay, but when I launch a game, I'm stuck with the "loading" windows and the CD don't spin.

I tried with or without a modchip, but the results are the same.

how could I possibly play a game 5 to 10 minutes without a problem, and then suddenly, the CD stop spinning? I'd understand this if the cd wasn't spinning at all, but it seems to be random :/

Could somebody help me?

(sorry for my english, but I'm french and it is 2:41am
More info:

when the cd stop spinning, I heard the lens trying to read the cd, then it takes me back after a while on the audio CD screen and after a "checking disck" message, it tells me: "disc unsuitable for this system" (athough I have no modchip and the disc is an original one)
At a guess, I'd say you have a power supply problem. If that is the case I don't know if there is much that you can do about it - you'd need another Saturn to perform a transplant with to be sure.

Just to be safe, check all the connections to and from the CD board to make sure they are secure. This could be your problem, but frankly I doubt it.
(/me grasping at straws)

maybe the drive door switch is damaged? Happened to a friend dreamcast, where after 30 minutes the DC would suddenly decide that the door was open and quit to the bios...

Or, I recall someone on this board had a similar problem, and he said it got solved by running his Saturn without the cover and a big fan attached to it.
Thanks for you answers, I'll try to play w/o the lid.

If it doesn't work, can I try to buy a cheap PAL model 2 21pins Saturn, and replace the japanese power supply and optical by the PAL ones ?
Originally posted by Takosuke@May 26, 2003 @ 08:23 PM

...can I try to buy a cheap PAL model 2 21pins Saturn, and replace the japanese power supply and optical by the PAL ones ?

Maybe and maybe.

There are two different model 2 PSUs and at least two different CD boards and they may not be compatable with the Japanese Saturn.

I've swapped power supplies successfully from a Euro 32 pin Saturn to a Japanese one, but IIRC the CD boards weren't interchangable.
Argh I found a euro 32pin model, but the power supply isn't the same as the jpn one:

The Euro one has 5 connectors where you have to solder the wire for the modchip, and the Jpn one has only 4 :/

Is there something to do to fit all together?
Even though the Euro PSU has 5 connectors rather than 4, will it still physically fit the mainboard?

Being a 32 pin Saturn as well, the only difference should be that the Euro PSU has a 9v tap on it as well as the 2 x 5v and 2 x 0v taps. The 9v tap doesn't connect to anything on the Japanese mainboard.

I've got a Japanese 32 pin model 2 Saturn with a Euro PSU in it and it works just fine.

Just hook up the mod wire to the equivalent connector on the 5 pin PSU. It should be the 2nd or 3rd one away from the mains power connector. The one nearest to the mains connector is 9v.
Either 3 or 4 on the Euro PSU should be fine. They're both 5v.

Nice pic. Do you mind if I use it for future reference?
You can use it, no problem

Thanx for all your advices

I switch the power supply, the console boots fine, and while a bit better, the CD still stop spinnging after a while :/

Return to the audio cd screen, ckecking disc format, an then nothing append :/

I think It was not a power supply problem, after all :/

I try using the pal optical block one the white jpn, but the disc won't spin at all :/

Guess I'm good to put a 60hz switch on the pal saturn and throw away my jpn one :/
Originally posted by Takosuke@Jun 28, 2003 @ 12:14 AM

I try using the pal optical block one the white jpn, but the disc won't spin at all :/

I thought that might be the case.

The same thing happened when I tried it with one of mine.
I'm having the same kinds of problems with the modded Saturn I bought recently. In my case.. it's been solved by doing two things. First; the Saturn was overheating (It's very hot in my bedroom and I have no AC.). After I turn the unit off for 30 min or so.. it goes away. I'm thinking about getting one of those 3rd party "under-unit" fans to rectify the situation. Secondly.. I found that if I physically turn the Saturn upside down; like many PSX owners do (because of weak lasers) the lens head can read the disc better (and no; it doesn't seem to scratch the CD either). This seems to be my problem.. but it's worth a try for you. Funny thing for me is.. this only happens on CD-Rs that I burn from the "ISO-MP3" format.. "Bin-Cue" images work just fine.. go figure. :huh
I have this problem with original games since I don't have modchip in this saturn

I think it's the optical unit, so I'll wait till I can go to a friend who have a white sat and try to swap parts between his console and mine.

However turn the console upside down didn't solve my problem, but as I repaired the broken pal sat this afternoon, then 60hz switched and modded it, I can wait a little longer to repair the White sat
Takosuke; I may be able to help you. I have two white JAP Saturns; and one i am thinking of selling on eBay soon (or here) to "part out". The reason being.. it has always been "semi-functional" since the day I bought it.

I bought it off eBay a couple years back.. and although the seller assured me it worked fine.. he also stated that he had a region switch installed and had to take it out (to sell on eBay.. he thought) and sold it to me with a Satellite cartridge instead.

Problem was.. it didn't work from the day I got it. It will boot up and play any audio CD just fine (Indicating to me that the "optics" component is fine.); but when I try to play ANY Saturn game (JAP or US) (with or without the sat cart).. it always scans the disk and comes up with an "unsuitable" sort of error.

My guess is that when he "un-regionized" it.. he either didn't do it right.. or shorted something out on the circuit board (So I can't guarantee that part of it.). The fact that it can play only audio CDs (music) just fine.. leads me to believe that the optics/lens is still good.

I have to head out to work now.. I'll post more details tonight.. or PM me.

BTW-The case is immaculate.. save for a very small hole on the back where I think he had a mini-toggle installed. I'd like to keep the white controller and "hook-ups" as spares.. so if I could just sell the box.. it might work out for the both of us. I'm sure the PSU is OK too.. if that turns out to be your problem.