Do Menacer games support ALG Gamegun?

I'm interested in collecting some more light-gun games. (So far Lethal Enforcers 1&2 are the only ones I have).

The drawback of course being that the Justifier doesn't work with any other games (except one other).

Anyway, I've noticed that all of the Sega CD games which support the American Laser Games Gamegun also support the Menacer.

So, I was wondering if all of the Genesis games which support the Menacer also support the ALG Gamegun? Do they have the same controller interface?

I'd prefer to just have to buy one gun and have it work with everything, then have to find two guns. And I'd think the gamegun (actually shaped like a gun) would be more fun than the menacer (though I know the menacer would work with everything). On the other hand, I've never once in my life actually seen an ALG gamegun for the SCD. How rare are these? How much do they go for on ebay?

In a related query, is there a list of Menacer supported games? I know of T2 (awesome!) and RevX (sucks). But is that it? I've heard some reference that Death Duel and Dynamite Duke were made with the Menacer in mind, but I can't find anywhere that says if they actually support it or not. Do they?


Jedi Master Thrash.

(And I'm talking about physical games on physical systems here btw).
Well there's the Menacer 6 games in 1 cart.

And then there is Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2 but they work with their own guns not the menacer