Do you believe in ghosts?

I do...and it's true.

While I was in college I was living with a couple of rich blokes. Rich enough that we didn't have to live in the dorms but instead rented a two story house in the middle of Downtown Orlando (Florida). The house was built in 20's and had all the cliches that you would associate with it. Every door and every stair had its own sound and personality. It was quite easy to tell from the downstairs kitchen if someone was opening the door to the master bedroom or walking down the stairs or hanging out on the porch simply by the sounds the house would make.

Anways, enough backstory...Two things happned in this house that (to this day) raises the hair on the back of my neck. The first incidence happned just as I came home from school. I changed my clothes and was simply lounging about. I walked outside onto the porch (as was my custum to do often in those days) for a smoke. The kitchen door that led to the porch was a bitch to open or close. Paint build-up of 70 years kept this door from opening or closing easily. In any case, I unlatched the door and smoked my cig on the porch and when I was done I returned upstairs. I left the latch off the hook for I used to smoke often and would simply return in about 20 min.

Whilst upstairs I VERY clearly heard the following...The kitchen door opened and closed. Thinking that one of my rommies had arrived I called out his reply. I look outside to see the driveway empty. No one was in the house...but somehow the latch was back in its place.

Scary...But not as bad as what happened a week later. I was home alone again and was feeling a bit hungry. I was in the kitchen when suddenly...


The door to the master bedroom was quickly opening and slaming shut with incredible force! I dropped everything I had in my hand...It scared the #### out of me! It only lasted for about 10 seconds but GOD...I've never been so freaked out! I got the courage to go investigate...No windows were weird drafts...just me and the house...alone.

I finally got the nerve to ask my landlord if anything "strange" had ever happned in the house. At first he said no...Then recalled that in the sixties the house was rented out to some college students...hippies really. It turns out that one of them (a female) drowned in the lake across the street while she was on drugs.

The next time I was alone in the house I asked her to be kind to me and to please stop scaring me. It must have worked because I never heard anything again.

True story.
You told a good tale, 3rdman. It certainly freaked me out a bit.

As for me, there are times, i've had a few scares. Okay, my room is on the second floor of a two house complex. The back house, is one storey house, which leaves it's rooftop outside my window. And I have a huge window, it goes from wall to wall, with 2 inch clearance on each side, and 3 feet off the floor, and 2 from the ceiling. So there are times, when I leave the windows and blinds slightly open for air and fall asleep. One time i swear, I woke up to a crunchy gravel sound... it was on and off, every 5 seconds ..sscth ..ssctch.. I thought it was the TV on my pc, but i looked up and found my computer had gone on standby, so I rose slightly facing the window and blinds, little and little being able to see inbetween the blades, and i saw a freaky ass shadow, quickly move from middle left of the window, to the right, but oddly enough I didn't hear the gravel-ly sound... God was I freaked out, I was soo soo scared, I got the #### out of the room and went downstairs and slept under the dining room table.

Other than that, there were a few times I woke up to a click click click click sound, it's my portable cd player's laser unit it turns on somehow, and moves away from the hub, continually until it gets to the end of it's track and clicks.

And right now, I'm not kidding, my hard drive is making freaky noises. like it's turning on and off, winding and winding... I need to restart.
I was at my friends parents gas station, wher I normally hung out when they were working. I was in the back room where the air compressor is, and about 8 feet up the wall is a little alcove about 3' x 5'...and I was grabbing the mop to help close and I heard a door slam up in that friend walked in to find me staring at it. He asked if I had heard something, I told him and he replied that it was his grandpa...I remembered the urn they had at his house, and him telling me about things granpa did...but never took it to heart (i believed him, dont get me wrong), but ever since that day when I am down in the basement of our studio, grandpa will come and visit...he turns lights on, you feel a slight breeze (in a basement?), and once he made a sound like dishes crashing in the next room, and there wasnt even anything in the next room...or you could be totally alone, and see someone walk across your peripheral vison. Right now I am trying to get him to come out in some sort of phisical form...but he is being stubborn.
here's my weak story. When i was a little kid my parents and 2 sisters lived in an apartment. It was a rather old apartment with a trap door to the basement that was in at the time our laundry room. One day i woke up early in the morning and wanted to tell something to my oldest sister i sat up in my bed and looking down the hallway to were my sisters' room was. When i looked down the hall i saw somebody, i thought it was my sister, walk from the laundry room to my sisters' room. I got up went into my sisters' room didn't see anyone i even searched there closet thinking that maybe they were hidding from me as a joke nobody was anywere in the room, Another time i was sitting in my room and looked into my parents room and saw some lady I got really freaked out and hid under neith my covers. A few years after those events Some older lady that lived on the other side of the apartment(she was relatives of the owner) told my mom and i a story about how the original owner of the house hung herself in the basement right below our apartment. From that day on I had crazzy ass dreams where something was chassing me into the basement where a door to #### opened up. lol i still have weird dreams everyonce in awhile about that apartment and my family and i haven't lived in it for more then 10 years.

and to answer the question no i don't believe in ghosts.

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Here's a freaky ass story. Ok, i was in my basement , which is nice it's carpeted painted windows tv heating the works, it's like a little apartment. and anyway, i was playing snes ( i was like six) and i got up to turn the heat on and when i was walking away i heard this kinda weird sound of air being squeezed out of water bottle or something, so i turn around and there my pillow is, being squeezed by nothing! it's just... squeezed and the sound was the air comming out of the pillow. Then i fluffed the pillow back up, heard it again and it was squeezed again... i ran upstairs so fast that i wasn't even sure if i was already up there! *shutter*
dont know if this is a ghost but it looks like a drawn smiley face to me(no i didn't draw it i have no artistic ability)(note i highlighted it with a box)


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Originally posted by joe81@Jun 7, 2004 @ 04:56 PM

i got that pic above from while watching their webcams

i dont know it looks like a smiley face to me but nobody else will say if it does to them maybe i'm just taking too many pills.

I don't see anything there. :huh
Okay, I zoomed in and it does look like someone drew a smily face in there with Paint®.
ya and i sware to god that i didn't

all i did was look at their web cams and go what the fuck and saved the pic and then was like man i think i'm on too many pills i think i see a smiley face. so i put it on here for people's opinions.
You should trust your gut instincts - too many pills. I haven't encountered any ghosts, unless you count in nightmares.
hell i dont care if it's a ghost i just wanted to see if i wasn't going insane and thought it looked like a drawn face to anyone else
I grew up in a house that I believe was haunted. The history behind the house is that there is a room that's used exclusively for plumbing. The house plumbing, the sprinkler system, and sewer. About 20 years before my family moved into the house, the original owner of the house was working on the plumbing, knocked himself out, and drowned since the room flooded with the door closed (or so my neighbor's mom said).

At night, I'd constantly hear the phone dialling (it was the early 80's and we sill had the rotary phones). I'd get up to investigate and the phone cord would be swingning like someone was using the phone, but the whole family would still be sound asleep. Cupboard doors would slam, and my dad and brother's legs would lift into the air when they were sleeping.

The oddest thing in my opinion happened to me personally. I had a friend over one day and we were smoking and playing cards. I had a misfits record on the turntable downstairs from a couple of days prior, but the turntable was off (it was one of those setups where the on/off was also the volume, so if it was on, we would hear it). Totally out of the blue, the song 'american nightmare' started playing full blast. I think my friend eliminated right there in his pants :)

When I went downstairs to investigate, I saw that the volume was turned up to full. The only other logical explanation was that someone picked the lock on the basement door, turned on the turntable, locked the door and left again.
That picture looks like someone drew Milo (from the Descendants) in. Thats pretty cool. Though I'm willing to bet its fake.

As for ghosts, this house we lived in was haunted by a ghost of a cat. We didn't own a cat, yet you would her a cat howling from the basement at nights. Once, my sister who slept in the basement heard a scratching noise at the the window. When she sat up, there was nothing at the window, though a noise was coming from it.