Do You Prefer This Forum to....The other one?


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I find them to be the asshole of the neogeo community. The coolest forums tend ot be Chinese only though.


Originally posted by DBOY@May 22, 2003 @ 11:40 PM

I didn't know people sell stuff in this forum. Not NeoGeo stuff anyway.

I think I've seen some selling, but not very often.

I guess everyone likes to hold onto their stuff.

I don't come to forums to buy stuff. I come to talk.

I do buy and sell on here, but that's not WHY I'm here

So I would definately weigh SX's good community heavier


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Every once in a while someone might put some Neo Geo stuff for sale in the buy sell trade forum.

I've only really been to a fews time. The first time just to get a complete listing of games when I first got a cd systems and the second time when I sold all my cd stuff.


From what I saw, I thought Neo-Geo was alright. People really love their neo's over their
Except maybe the CD system which loads really slow. LOL.