Do you think this commercial Saturn emu will

There are so many games I'd like to play in English...

(SF III scen 2&3, Princess Crown, Grandia...)
I don't want to sound like a lame ass or something, but I'll seriously doubt it. There would be way to less profit for Sega. They'll won't concentrate on the "Abandonware" just because of an emu. Sega is a corporation and like every corporation they want to make money, so they'll stick to conversions for XBOX, PS2 and GC, cause that's where the money is.

Don't get me wrong, I like Sega and I'm not judging the. This is just a simple opinion of what I'd do, if I'd be a corporation
Plus this emulator is (and will prolly always be) a Japan-only gadget.

Why on earth would Sega translate old games into English all of sudden for their japanese customers?
The commercial SS emu will be highly inferior in time to the eventual development of independant/freeware emulators anyway. And they will play your copies, perhaps even isos. Probably have lots of features their commercial package won't do. However, someone should seriously find their emulator and try to crack it in the meantime. I think it'd be funny to crack it and go play saturn games on your own. I think their idea is pretty stupid, however I really like Sega. They just need to do better things.
Even though Id rather dload an iso of a game than buy from ebay overpriced I for one feel really bad that ppl are trying to do that. I felt the same way when using segas own in house developed genesis emulator on dreamcast to play games that it wasnt supposed to support or be used. For some weird reason I really like sega and well prolly never see nintendo do the same thing at that magnitude to make an emulator other than for one game like that gc bonus disc to get preorders. At this point Sega needs support even though were not gonna see that emulator released commercially here. They give you something back and as a thank you you kick them in the nuts, thats lame and very sad.

Guess im a "pirate" with a conscience.
But you don't understand that the "true retro Sega fans" must have everything, and most importantly they must have everything for free. Heaven forbid that a company actually tries to make a profit or that you should have to pay for something.
{Raiden}, surely you realise that this emulator is based on Giri Giri Project which was one of the two leading independant/freeware emulators.