DOA3 Sega art...?


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Not to be a stick-in-the-mud, but is there any reason to have the DOA3 images in the Sega art section? To my knowledge, DOA3 was never released on any Sega system and is currently an Xbox exclusive (?).

Just wonderin'...
I was wondering the same thing, but didn't want to sound picky. At least someone did it for me
I'd say that DOA3 has a perfect right to be featured on SX since it started out as a Sega darling (DOA and DOA2).

I bet if there were to come out a true-3D "NiGHTS Into Dreams 2" on, say, the Gamecube, there'd be NO QUESTION we SXers would be all over it, regardless of what system it runs on. Is this true or am I right?
BJammaz, you may be right - but I thought this was all about what system a game runs on rather than which company produced it... *shrug* Tecmo is pretty much a third party in this anyway, they're not affiliated with either Sega or Microsoft (or Nintendo)... They just make games. Heck, I mean, why don't we just abandon Sega themselves now since they only make games for NON-SEGA consoles anymore?