Dodgy dodgy dodgy


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There really are some fools on eBay.

I wonder how long they'll get away with it. Is eBay in the US as bad for this kind of crap?
Man, I don`t know how are they on the US but in Spain I could see people selling... PSX & DC backups and MODs!

Seriously! With topics like:

"What do you think of playing all PSX games for almost nothing?"


"I sell original (?) Utopia BootCD for DC which is used to play backups"

They aren`t fools. They are simply stupid.
Thats Just Sad what these people do
What's really worrying is that people are actually buying them.

Did you look at all the positive responses the one on ebay has?!
the fact that who ever coded the emulator that's in all likelyhood included on the discs is getting aprox. 0% of the profits is pretty sad, sadder still is the fact that most emulators come with documentation that says, do not distribute with roms, do not sell
For a while I turned in a lot of people on Yahoo for selling copies or "backups" of Sega stuff. I also reported a bunch of the ones that had webpage links to their ISP and/or hosts (sometimes even to Sega). I got quite a few auctions and sites shut down. But since Yahoo started charging for their auctions I've seen a lot less of them. And anyone who thinks that eBay has rip off prices should shop around on Yahoo Auctions for a while. Usually they're much worse.
i hate people who sell emus and roms its the worst!!

some guy has spent alot of time and effot in coding an emu and most emus are FREE and some scum bags are selling them! its the worst!