DOS, USB devices for DC or PS2

Ok DOS for DC or PS2 if it were able, we could use pif files or auto loads to run the game. IF it could work.

USB devices. I have a USB burner from iomega. ANy idea how one might be able to use it?
Its very unlikely but possible. Hardware developers came up with USB a long time before anyone decided to support it. I have seen socket 5 boards with USB ports. If its been around that long then hopefully someone has written a dos TSR that can make use of them. Mind you, USB only took off when windows 95 osr2 happened
Ok....question remains...

Can someone make a DOS OS run under Ps2 and/or DC?

Reason is I have some old dos games that would run on a 33mhz. Fun to play as well. Would be nice. ALSO would then possibly enable use of DOS emus on the consoles.
DOS is really hardly anything from an OS standpoint. What you're asking for is a PC emulator. That's possible, but not easy.
Hn, there can't be a "DOS" (btw, DOS means Disk Operative System, so any OS what carries disk support is a DOS --;) for a PS2, and even if it was coded, if wouldn't obviously run game coded for a CISC x86 processor, under the R6000 (sic?) MIPS processor of the PS2. Of course, that is why Bocsh( was created. This thing can emulate up to a Pentium, on a variety of platforms, and comes in the sweet and spring fresh scent of open source. ... Of course, emulation comes at a cost of speed, but I belive it can handle a 486 game.
Well I have lots of old 286 games as well as 486 games. DOS dont start getting technical with me! Otherwise Ill start saying "Dont say CPU" lol We all know what I mean here.
Indeed, a PC emulator would be needed for taht task.. Possible since you might need a 386 or so.. but a thing like Bosch or VMWare (with major modificatiosn to emulate it in PS2/DC)...

Dos emu would b an option if it would emulate a ix86 cpu... but it is only the layer of calls as far as I know (interrupts)
Well since I have NO clue about PSX emulating or programming maybe someone here does....

I only program TI series calcs and cpus.

C64 basic

and some game servers that I have to play with C+ to get what I want.
hey cool! i one knew someone who programmed block breaker for the TI85, i still have my TI85 from taking my a-levels
Actually, come to think of it, the first (publically known) emulator ever written for PS2 was intended to become a PC emulator. It was written by Breakpoint (the author of Project Unreality, the first N64 emulator). It apparently never panned out, and as of December 2001, "ps2pc is... well... really not in development anymore."
there's a really nice SMS emulator out by now, btw.

as for USB devices, I know these work on mine:

USB Keyboard (noname)

USB Mouse (MS Intellimouse)

Supposed to work, but doesn't: USB webcam (works for some brands, tho.. with Police 24/7, which uses it to detect movements for dodging).

USB Laplink cable (with an AR2/GS2 2.x or X-Port, for transferring savegames and code lists).
SPEAKING of links....

My laptop will have iLink in it.....that one ps2 link to pc was for USB (the one to let ps2 and so connect to pc to run somestuff and so on) anyways any ideas if this can work the same with iLink?