usb or wifi/lan upload of EXEs possible ?


i am currently coding on Atari Jaguar ( this, for example : )
and on jaguar, i can upload my code/EXE directly using usb from pc, and launch it to test

i am wondering about buying a Saturn to start coding on it, and i'd like to know if the same possibility exists ?
fenrir does or will do wifi upload (and may be run the exe just after upload ? )
but this not quite clear if it works and how.

is there this possibility, instead of copying to SD each time i want to test ?
in Fenrir or any other way ?


Fenrir can sort of do it, if you use the webserver firmware. You wouldn't be able to upload binaries directly, but if you prepared disc images it'd load that over the network just fine.

Otherwise SDLoader would work well. There are dev carts, but the ones with that sort of functionality I don't believe are currently sold new, so you'd likely have trouble getting one.
thanks for the answer
i read the fenrir webserver/wifi doc

about SDLoader, is there some with wifi support ? to copy files directly on the SD remotely.
i did not see that in the link you posted.
The fenrir option IS working really well, you Can Switch from sdcard view to pc view and test directly your devs
the only issue for me is that i own a duo fenrir ( the last one, both 20 and 21 pins version) and there is currently no wifi firmware for this version.
I use my usb dev cart to run my games : I upload the iso and load the files directly on PC. It works very well. The only issue will be to either find a usb dev cart or make your own...