Dracula X and Magic enigine

I downloaded Dracula X and I am using the full versions of magic engine and when I get to the part where I resuce Maria there is no voices and there should be seeing how in the movie sceen they are moving there mouths but all hear is nothing. Now I though the problem was in the iso/mp3 version I downloaded so I found a bin/cue version and I still have the same problem? are burning Pc engine game different from burning sega cd and saturn games?

anyways thanks


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are you using the system card roms that came with magic engine? ive heard that these have problems with sound sometimes so you might want to try to find a new rom of the system card.


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If you burned it, you might want to check to see that the audio tracks burned properly. My old burner actually wrote silence to all the audio tracks, probably due to some internal rule broken by the strange disc layout used by Super CD games...
I remember having trouble burning that game and I finally made a perfect copy. I edited the cue sheet so nero could find the audio files on my hard drive ex:

Track 02 Audio "C:dracxaudiotrack02.mp3" etc. and then loaded the cue sheet through nero by selecting "Burn Image" in the file menu and then burned the files @ 2x. It works with Magic Engine 098 pretty well.
Quote: from Supergrom on 2:45 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

i got a bin/cue copy. RIGG's hotline server is now one of my favorite places on the internet =)

I am nothing but impressed with their work towards preserving the titles for a long gone system, especially for those titles that are becoming harder & harder to find, much less purchase.


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yeah, i liked what they were doing, but i didnt see enough reason to download until i tried their hotline server. im pretty impatient and waiting in line to get into an ftp to download at 4-5k/sec wasnt too exciting for me, even if there were many ftps with the same file set. Then i tried their hotline server and found myself getting files at 30k/sec with no wait =). Either way, my hat still goes off to RIGG. now, if only they would rip snatcher...