Dracula X Question!


Im playing Dracula X with the Character Maria, and I was wondering how can you open the door which is blocking the silver ring? Also I was wondering what do you need to do to beat the game? After you head to the inverted castle where do you have to work your way to in order to fight a boss to end the game?

It has been long time since I last played Dracula X. For the silver ring door I'm not pretty sure right now but I finished the game in the same place Alucard fights Shaft(Inverted Castle>Under the Clock Room)
I'm not sure exactly how close it is to Symphony of the night but on that you have to fight all the bosses (bar the gigantic one in the catacombs) in the inverted castle to get like, the 'Tooth of Vlad', 'Heart of Vlad' etc. I think there's 5, then you head to the clock place and the final part.
I never played Dracula X, but I think I remember reading that you can't access everything with Maria. I could be wrong, but I know that on Symphony Of The Night, you couldn't with Richter. Instead, every blue door was gone and the entrance to Shaft/Dracula was already open. To get to Shaft/Dracula with Alucard, you must defeated five bosses. I can't remember which ones you do and don't have to beat, but I remember you don't have to fight the big guy in the Catacombs and the three 'fake' characters in the colleseum. The entrance to Shaft/Dracula is the room with the big clock in it (the same room where in the upright castle, you got the holy glasses from maria).
Yea you cna just go directly to Shaft and Dracula. And yes you can't access every area just like with Richter but from What I remember when I played it like a year and a half ago Maria can acess a parts of the game that Richter can't.
From what I recall the only area Maria can enter that Richter can't is the dark room (the room Alucard needs the Bat Sonar for). It's very difficult, but Maria can make it through that room. I've never managed to get through with Richter.
Richter can go through the dark room. You need the holy ash and use th crash. He'll be invincible for a few seconds. You have time the crash as it runs out and then refill on hearts before you head back out the same way.

Neither Richter and Maria can fight Dracula. They just get up to Shaft and then game over.