Dracula X


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I've played both versions now and I must say, the saturn version owns over the playstation version. (playing as alucard) does anyone else think this? man, saturn was a good little system.
IMO they were both somewhat poor follow-ups to Rondo of Blood for turboduo..

both systems are (were) capable of so much more.. these titles both look and feel like SNES titles..

love castlevania.. i wish upon a star every night that this mystery 3rd person castlevania title will see daylight on one (all) of the nextgen systems..
I agree it is logical follow-up to rondo on play mechanics and all, but ... it is (at least for me) the best 2-d game ever (in the genre obviously)...

I hope that a new castlevania that is not third person (I don't say no 3d, but 2d in gameplay) will rise and give me an excuse to play for some hours (days)...
This is one of my favorite games of all time. I imported the PSX Jap version when it came out and loved it. I played the US version and I didn't like it as much because of the voice overs. Although, being able to understand the text was a plus (I had already figured out what most of the items did, so this was mostly a matter of understanding the dialogue). I then bought the Saturn version. I played through all the extras in a few days. I have to admit that it seemed as though Konami ran out of patience (aka money) for dev. It just seemed unpolished. Or maybe I was just expecting more from my little 2D powerhouse. Anyway, the big plus it had for me was the sound test, but then I bought the OST so I hate to say it but I actually think that the PSX Jap version is the best.
maria's mode sucked, its way to easy just to kill everything with magic, and the psx version did look better. the only real reason to get the jap version is for the wallpapers and developers journal, whic is quite interesting, and a somewhat common feature to konami saturn games
Well as for the graphics the PSX Version was better.The Saturn Version had the extras wich made it worth playing.Both versions are great games so theres no need to check the details ;)
I agree with all of what you guys are saying both versions are good, but for some reason I liked the saturn version more. this goes to lancastoor, yes both systems were capable of doing more but how much more can you do with a 2-d game really. They looekd really good, nice colour in each levels and musc that matched the mood of the different levels, but it was only 2-d. (I say this because I hate 3d games.)
As for the technical side,Dracula X had some better animation work on the saturn BUT the PSX version had better transparency effects.The best Version would be a Dreamcast one ;) .Too bad this didnt happen.The next Dracula game is supposed to come on the PS2....

As for these both (SAT&PSX) the Saturn edition was an overall better game, the PSX was just a bit better at the effects.....
bah. konami was going to make a 3-d castlevania for dreamcast. more of a port of the n64 crapvania. so i didnt expect much from it anyway.
I know that...i was just hopin they would make a conversion....the first pics of the DC game sucked.They first said they would release it on the PS2 then they threw the hole concept away since it didnt match with the wishes of the Fans...
2-D Adventure Platformers rock, I imagine a fully 3-D world be awesome, as Metroid Prime looks to be, but right now I'm more than content with 2-D worlds and 3-D objects and effects.

And I also thought that Konami was going to "redo", for lack of better term, The N64 game for Dreamcast, I'm sure they recived bitter backlash from the fans after Castlevania 64, and they didn't want screw this one up. But I think they couldn't quite do it, so they cancelled it in favor for another 2-D. I say this because, the (knowledgable?) dude at EB said that the next Castlevania that will be released would be another 2-D platformer that would have more CSoN elements than anything else.