DreamCast 2!!!! (its a truth or fake)

DreamCast 2

Launch: 21 sept. 2002

CPU: 800 mhz

Graphic Proccesor: 250 mhz

256mb and internet capabilities

The games would be in mini dvd's (like nintendo's gamecube)

info: (german page giga.de)

it make sense, Shenmue III its not confirmed for a console.

this will be a fake?.... or not

a devoted segafan. (sorry for my english if something is bad write in this)

Hablo Español

Asi que hola a todos. :)
one i dun think sega's dumb enough to release a new console so soon after they wacked the dreamcast. two the evil corporate bastards are putting out awesome games on every system to build a new fanbase so that when they do build a new console they will have converts from every system possible and a whole bunch of great games they can improve and re-release to make a schwack load of cash.
Based on what I've read of Sega's history, let's hope for all our sakes they don't.

They've screwed over their (very loyal) fanbase so many times, I don't think they'd actually have that much of a chance selling a system within the ... oh, next ten years or so. Those older gamers who remembers what Sega did will most likely not purchase a new system, but also not let their kids buy one. It's not a sound investment.

And, realistically, making consoles isn't profitable. Why on earth would they go back to that? They're slowly becoming profitable again. And let's assume they're the great company we've made them out to be all these years and decide to release a system - seriously, stock holders would flip.

Disgruntled? Very much so.

Of course, but, there are many jaded fans who still believe there's a chance Sega will make a new console in the recent future.

All signs resoundingly point to 'no'. Not ever.


its not a april fools joke

check out the page i post........................if you understand the german of course..heheh:)

but if not, and the spanish its more easy for you check http://elportal2000.metropoliglobal.com/index.html

but of course i dont belive 100% about the truth of this information i say maybe its a fake.... but the info its real.
Hehehe... I have the controller that is in the picture. It is for PC. If it was tilted back more you would be able to see the Performance logo on it.
hehe, whose idea was it to put a stylish horseshoe on the console?


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Nevermind, i found it on another site. Yep, they could have at least come up with something more origional than a wingman pad :)