Dreamcast Finished...SEGA Unstoppable!

Um..here's some articles i gathered from the cool Edge magazine about SEGA's Dramatic Decision to dump console manufacturing and focus exclusively on developing software..


"What is SONIC?This may seem like an odd question,but during a period of significant change it is one worth pondering.At the very least he is a collection of pixels bouncing around the television screen.At most,he is an icon,a visual motif whose existence stands for everything pure and true about videogaming-he wasn't part of the supposed videogames-are -the -new-cool movement of the mid 90's,he simply existed as an element of supremely affecting examples of electronic entairtenment.Which is probably why died-in-the-wool Segaholics adore him so-and why the prospect of seeing him appear on non-Sega-branded platforms in the future has caused such an uproar among video game industry players since That Announcement.

Remember that it doesn't matter what badge adorns the front of the box,it's what 's weaving its magic inside that counts...

Sonic may well smile."

The system has a large part in how good a game is. Would Mario 64 look as good on PSX? Would Sonic music have the same sound if it were on SNES?
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Yep...but what 'bout the gameplay?Isn't it the most important factor of all?

Ya say that, but would you move a dot around the screen to some beeps nowadays? The graphics and sound really do add to a game to get lost in its atmosphere
i would choose sonic 1,2 or 3 many next gen games, so i think that what you are saying can go both ways. Graphics and sound do add alot to the gameplay, which is why the nostalgic factor in sonic really gives me (you guys?) a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
For the longest time I was really hesitant to embrace 3D games because they never seemed to have quite the level of gameplay polish that 2D games had. I love 2D platformers and never thought 3D games could come even vaguely close to them until I played games like Jak and Daxter, Klonoa 2, Rayman 2... I began to get the feel that the 3D genre has really matured. I think now Konami could make a proper stab at a true 3D predesessor to Castlevania and not those horrid n64 titles. I think my biggest bitch about the downfall of the DC is that we never got to see what the DC Castlevania would have looked like. I just hope that someday it is resurrected on another console. I think we are now ready to see some truly spectacular platformers in 3d whereas in the past they have always been lacking something in the gameplay.
Yeah, I know what you mean... I didn't really enjoy too many 3D PSX/Saturn/N64 games.... but then the DC came along and WOW! PS2, XBox and GC have carried on the trend and 3D is great now