Dreamcast gun games

Off the top of my head:

Silent Scope

Death Crimson OX

Virtua Cop 2

House of the Dead 2

Confidential mission

There might be 1 or 2 more, but I can't recall.

Of the ones listed above, I highly recommend Confidential Mission.

On a side note, Sony and Namco teamed up to make Vampire Night for PS2 and Arcade. Easily the best light gun game on any home console.
yeah, hotd 2's the only one worth playing

demolition racer has an incredibly worthless lightgun


death crimson's terrible

virtua cop 2's pretty good, but it's also a saturn game more so than a d.c. game

confidential mission would be a great game, but all the lightguns i've tried it with (the madcatz and the starfire or whatever it's called) are so incredibly inacurate that it takes all the fun out of it.

30$ for hotd 2 and a lightgun is however, well worth it
Confidential mission is sweet so is hod2, but horrible is Death Crimson ox.. I have passed it up all too often is it REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY bad?
I have to agree on hotd II:

it's sooooo muuuuuch fuuuun !!!

I just can't get enough !
the graphics of hotd2 are fucken shit im so sick of that crap. sure its a wicked game but only in the arcade where you dont realise how crap it looks.

i'd go with confidential mission since it looks a little fresher than the ageing hotd2.

if only those stuck up faggots at electronic arts got over themselves and let sega release the lost world light gun shooter instead of bumming thier jurassic park license and making shit games with it.

im aware of the fact that im slightly contradicting myself becuase the lost world is older than hotd2 but its quite easily one of the best light gun shooters ever made.
btw, silent scope is an extremely awesome played on the ARCADE cabinet. home conversions are totally whack becuase the sniper rifle really is half of the game play experience.