Dreamcast issues


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so I bought this dreamcast a few months ago... and it was working just fine til yesterday. Now it won't read anything anymore unless I literally hit the system. I was playing sonic shuffle when it stopped reading the disc, now when I turn it on it doesn't read as if there is a disc in there. But if I pick it up and smack it on the side it will read it. Is it time to buy another new one.... or is there some known fix for this? lol as much as I hate spending more money, it's rather frustrating playing shenmue and having it lock up when it's been a couple of hours since you saved last
Sounds like a laser problem maybe... You could try cleaning the lens.. I would replace it since DC's are cheap right now about 29.99 at GameStop...

Try http://www.dcemulation.com/phpBB and ask at DCEMU forums they can probably help you if no one can here. :cheers
a friend of mine had a similar problem too, the DC seemed to think the drive was open all the time while it wasn't. So I removed the cover, fiddled with the door switch a bit (really nothing, just pressing it to see if it worked), put it back together and voila it worked

It kinda puzzles me that the problem just appeared out of nowhere, was fixed very easy and never came back :smash
Be prepared to buy a new DC, but I'd try the following:

- Pull the reader unit off of the mainboard, then reattach it.

- Fiddle with the door switch a bit to see if it's getting stuck

- Look at the rails that the laser sits on and see if they look like they need to be cleaned and/or lubricated.