Dreamcast owns!


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Hehe..just fired up the old Dreamcast browser and I'm

typing this message using it. I had forgotten that I had

both keyboard and mouse, and it is a blessing to be able to

browse using them

Post your Dreamcast onlie messages here - and see how

crusty the site looks like on a dreamcast. Maybe we should

offer a DC version of the content here
hehe yeah -- surfed on mine a couple times a year or so ago -- kind of a thrill

Now I have Netzero Platinum and it won't work w/ the DC
It was output to a TV. Interesting the way it has stuffed up the formatting of the post - I would have thought that formatting would all be handled by the database/board software unless specifically told otherwise.

As you can see, typing with a fullsized keyboard on your lap produces some pretty poor results.
That's very cool.

I'm planning on having a surf on my DC when my DreamKey 3 arrives. Hmm, probably need to get a keyboard too.
And a mouse!

DK3 - where the hell do you get that? I've been stuck using the US browser for quite a while now....
I've got the mouse already. Not much use for it yet...

As for DK3, I recently bought an unopened copy of PSOv2. Just waiting for it to arrive.
Originally posted by thewasp31@Jun 8, 2003 @ 05:21 PM

I'm still using my DC online but I like now and then to visit SX via my Sega Saturn Netlink, now that is fun.

i second that. the saturn was the first thing to get this gamer online period. not just for gaming