Dreamcast System Disc 2 + GD-Rs

I just thought I'd show everyone what I have for sale...
E-mail me if you are interested. Bidding on the System Disc is at £95
Originally posted by Curtis@Apr 12, 2003 @ 09:27 PM

You are trying to sell copied Dreamcast games here? Are you kidding me?

I'm guessing that they are 'official' betas or something rather than pirated copies.

Looking closely at the writing, it appears they are review copies.
Noticing, that Funkstar is member of this board for over a year now, and a Virtua Fighter, I think he's acquainted with the board's rules. I think, if they are official (review) betas, I'd like to see them (although I don't have the money for that
They are GDROMs, so they aren't worth pirating, like CDRs

Notice how they have the publishers name on them -- interesting
hi everyone, it seems that many of you have gotten the wrong end of the stick. The orange disks are in house beta/tester pre-released games. The system disk two that i mentioned is a sega confidential developmental disk. The resident evil 2 disk also has 'this game has been fully tested' printed on the front. So i would assume this was another promo/beta.

If you are interested in any more information please e-mail me or post here. Thanks.
Originally posted by Funkstar De Luxe@Apr 12, 2003 @ 09:01 PM

PS. For Sega fans you are not a very knowledgeable bunch

well please tell us where we can learn about this stuff so we can be informed.

obviously most of us are not official DC developers or testers
Oops, it seems that I had posted this in the wrong forum. You see I just kinda wanted to show people some cool DC stuff and it happens to be for sale at the same time. Anyway, thanks mods