Dreamcast whit no video only audio

Hello, well my dreamcast as say in the topic only plays sound, no video from the tv, i thougt that was the cable but i used another and the same problem, now im think that is the output, but i dont know, could you guess whats the problem?.

"i before e, except after c"


It would depend on what the problem actually is. It may be that the port has a dry solder joint on the PCB. If that's the case then it is a simple fix. If it's more serious (like a blown IC), then I don't fancy your chances...

The former would be evidenced by the picture coming and going when you move the A/V cable around.

[good natured sarcasm]

Well thanks for putting me straight, Akuma. There I was, blundering through life thinking that saying was only "i before e, except after c"...but I have seen the light! Praise the Lord! :biggrin:

My life will have new meaning, thanks to you.

[/good natured sarcasm]