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What exactly is that?

It sounds like something you'd have to mail for in the back of those old comic books, along with the xray specs and the mini spy cameras.


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She is rather, umm, perky.

First the Rez link, now this. Antime seems to find all the interesting links. :


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There's nothing quite like stereotyping female gamers, eh? Anyway, I only knew of DreamEye Girl because she posted a couple of times in uk.games.video.dreamcast not long ago. She seemed glad that the older regulars there still remembered her.


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I could care less about the girl, she's not all that... But what REALLY impresses me is the camera's quality. Wow, practically no video noise, even with those darkish pictures.

Just how rare was this DreamEye, and was any software made for it other than the browser? I wonder.