Sword and Sorcery/Lucienne's Quest.

This appeared for the 3DO (Lucienne's Quest) with a English translation before being ported to the Sega Saturn. The Saturn version, (Sword and Sorcery) is obviously still in Japanese. Just wondering if anyone knows about this games existence and possible ease of getting it in English on the Sega Saturn?
Microcabin RPGs tend to have low framerates, especially Mystaria/Blazing Heroes/Riglord Saga. I enjoyed Mystaria. Maybe we can drum up some interest in getting Riglord Saga 2 in English as well.
Yeah, port that English translation for Sega Saturn. I don't wanna buy a 3DO for one game, and I want that Riglord Saga game sequel in English
Having owned a 3DO for a long time - when it was new still - this was a game I long wanted but never picked up, and I no longer own a 3DO.

Would love to see a translation for the Saturn.